Free Faucet Service

faqs for faucet creator/owner:

Q.Requirement for create a faucet site here?

A.To create a faucet site here you need Google recaptcha public key & secret key,Faucethub account,different type ads,shortlink(only allowed shortlink,can be seen after create faucet site) and track your visitor HTML code.

Q.Are you allowed auto Mining or redirecting ads?

A.No,auto mining or auto redirecting ads faucet will be deleted and account of the faucet owner can be suspended.We also don't allow adult contain ads.We want only clean faucet site having great future.

Q.Which currency you supported?

A.We support all faucethub currency and can update for new currency.

Q.How much faucet site can be created for a account?

A.We only allowed one faucet site for per account.

Q.Will our shortlink view by first time claimer?

A.Yes,We have allowed your shortlink view by any claimer either the claimer is first time claim or repeat claims.We only use our shortlink when your faucet have no any shortlink or your shortlink not work(due to wrong api key).

Q.My faucet site url not work after installationla?

A.Creating an url depend on ip.So it may take some time.If waiting time gone for more 24 hours,Contact us for the mater.

Q.I get scam claim from my faucet.What should me do?

A.If you sure that you got scam claim from some addresses,you can contact us with faucethub screenshot of the scam addresses for lock the address and donot forget to inactive your faucet for the time internal.

Q.Why my faucet site become inactive mode?

A.Please check your homepage of faucet setting for know the reason.

Q.Why my faucet site not work?

A.I've well tested my faucet service for btc and doge. if you facing any problem regard us.

Q.How you pick winner for jackpot?

A.We choose top rank faucet having maximum number of claim for the Month and have atlease 5000 claimed from their faucet for the month.if there are two or more faucets having same number of claimed and have 5000+ claimed will be shared by the jackpot.

faqs for users/claimer:

Q.Requirement for claimed reward from a faucet site here?

A.You need a Faucethub account cryptocurrency address corresponding to faucet site cryptocurrency.

Q.May I claim without waiting for same faucet site using different address?

A.No,you are not allowed to do this.You have to wait atlest the two respective claim time can claim from other faucet site listed faucetlist on thus waiting time.

Q.I've reached faucet claim limit.What should me to now?

A.Every faucet site have claim limit for 24 hours.if you reached the claim limit you have to wait for reclaim again.

Q.May U refer other users/members?

A.Yes,you can do this and you also earn great commission for refer the user/member.

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