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Term & Conditions:

Using our site 'Free Faucet Service' you'll be bounded to site terms & conditions which are listed below as pointwise.These terms & conditions can be changed any time with or without any prior notice.If you not agree with these terms & conditions please don't use the site.

1. Using the site you have to respect site moderator,other staff and members and don't abuse comments on contains listed here.We are not accept any misbehaviour form you for any type such abuse for service etc.

2. We always doing hard work for making better and sequre our service against bots,tors,proxies etc.but it's not possible to make 100% sequre site and for this reason if you got any type harmed attack with your faucet site or faucethub account we'll not responsible for the matter.

3. We using a paid hosting service for making our site and faucet sites top labials but if still got server down or any other server problems,we'll not responsible.

4. We are not responsible for any type harmed with your faucet or account by server attack such as try to hack site by someone or any such a meter.

5. We using a paid service such as hosting service etc and for this we have set a small neglecting fees which are listed below (in satoshis) for each transition.If your fausethub account failed to pay this fees address your faucet will be inactive. Which can you make reaction in later.but if your faucet continue failed to pay fee address,we'll suspended your account and delete your faucet.

1 => 1CSmVA8UruFuEURMkAydH5116coL67AzK8 (BTC) , 10 => 0x451cc626335f023b822b91fb1d56a812f3d6a5ed (ETH) , 10 => 42FzB9D2ZaARSBh6eJG8jqEgerj26ANLp9m4RGUZU5ZZ4YWBdZggjCxMNofaHps2VuF3tUB7u7VMhDjV6yskqJY43ixn6d3 (XMR) , 100 => LbRLMW1U41db1t5wNQjnoSBZBbg2Dkrxka (LTC) , 1000000 => DSC3BHkr6J32zFEWK55PqKCsAr8cf7MspU (DOGE) , 10 => 1FcgoyunahiW1wwu5HmTpDeEtx2XCe9SLK (BCH) , 20 => t1VMNRhfxKyqV1L5pYVb1L1D1c82UzbAHEU (ZEC) , 300000 => DQhQnwpSM9RXzrnYr7nZQ3CmoUYi2XS43R (DGB) , 5000 => sVF8fUsy3kid53TPL476FteW8ss8YrxD1G (BTX) , 50000 => BKdW7LYLLkvaX1WHENw1UpWpnfXh1TPMxL (BLK) , 20 => XoewvKtiuGqikzWqBwii8D3biypzUAr586 (DASH) , 5000 => PChBnZ8phjanbHmXcnff4iGSsg5Fi4mT2w (PPC) , 50000 => APBkSMyDVkcLXNECqFyMHq5GcrdKiNTCro (XPN) , 50000 => PUUNsqp2DPXS6gk93PfwSLAAnqRPSSpoqZ (POT)

6. Our monthly jackpot contest winner chosen will be uniquely and we'll not change the winner.

7. We've right to suspend or cancel monthly jackpot contest or faucet user account or any claimer account without any reason.

8. We've tested all listed short links for paying to member but if any stopped to pay member we'll not may request for remove the short link.

9. There should be at least minimum faucethub account balance (listed below in satoshis) for active your faucet site.

BTC : 10 ,ETH : 60 ,XMR : 60 ,LTC : 200 ,DOGE : 20000000 , BCH : 60, ZEC : 100, DGB : 1500000, BTX : 30000. BLK : 150000, DASH : 150, PPC : 1500, XPN : 60000, POT : 250000

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